Instead of shopping, we analyze logically and intellectually | Instead of shopping, we analyze logically and intellectually | Instead of shopping, we analyze logically and intellectually | Instead of shopping, we analyze logically and intellectually | Instead of shopping, we analyze logically and intellectually | Instead of shopping, we analyze logically and intellectually | Instead of shopping, we analyze logically and intellectually | Instead of shopping, we analyze logically and intellectually


Gopal Raju
To get rid of mental agony, various diseases and many other day to day problems such as financial, conjugal, legal and select various combinations of certain astral gemstones. I have adopted various methods, auspicious days and time etc. to use these combinations. I prefer certain HORA and constellations for my work to initiate with. Beside this I also suggest certain Pooja, Daan etc. to make these combinations more effective. This article is based on my practical experience over hundreds of sufferers who has experienced better results after adopting my tools. Thousands of letters of appreciation are kept in my records and may be looked into.
Do stones, Pooja, Yantras or Daan etc. actually influence human beings? Like other curious intellectual I have also been seriously pondering over it. Being in a scientific concern unlike others I studied the subject on scientific linings only. After long research I found the gemology fully scientific and practicable as well. It can scientifically be proved too that stones have certain hidden powers to cure various diseases. The quantum of results and the rate of recovery of course depends on individuals faith and planetary configurations which appear time to time from celestial bodies to human beings. This also depends on the expertise of the astrologer who is analyzing such measures in accordance to the various rules of astrology, numerology, tantra etc.
First of all, I would like to clear the concept of functioning of stones. A stone recoups the deficiency caused by a particular colour by transmitting that colour into body where it constantly touches the body in a proper way. Which portion of the body, fingers etc. is the most effective for these combinations depends on knowledge and analysis accordingly by the expert.
With help of a simple example it could easily be understood that how a stone works. Suppose one is reading a book putting a lamp in front of the book. Due to improper position of the lamp he may not be able to feel perfect light of the lamp. The book and the person are supposed to be static, while the lamp could be moved in such a position from where the optimum pleasant light may fall on the book. Sooner the lamp is moved behind the book, better the feeling to reader. Similar is the case with a stone. It works as a prism or a lanes to reflect or receive the rays from the celestial bodies to an optimum pleasant situation on human beings.
The due effect from the astral gemstones can be achieved only by their use of right quality, size and cutting of the stone, decided through the inter – related study of the science of astrology, gemology etc. as the same being a matter of extensive experience and knowledge. Transfusion process may occur in plain glass to, then why a precious stone is required for the purpose – this may be a very common question? Here I should clarify that all the glass are amorphous in nature while the stones are crystalline and have comparatively of higher density for which they act more faster than an ordinary glass. A Karamakandi Pandit, Jeweler or a stone seller can never analyses the specific grade. Needy persons are advised to approach only to a right and learned astrologer for their lucky stones. One should not fall in meaningless propositions like weight of the stone or stones prescribed with the help of Birth Rashi or Name Rashi only. Icould not understand any utility regarding the weight of the stone (eg. sava, dhai. Or onae-pone ratti etc. ) I am confident that none can explain or give the specific reason behind this fractional weight theory. This is simply an i8gnorance towards the subject and commercial exploitation if some body is following these meaningless rules. However, the metal plays an important role in which the stones are being used.
Some of the usual ailments afflicting human beings are astrologically interesting. Most of these preclude our grasp because some of these afflictions are more mental. I have observed miraculous effects in cases of various diseases. Similar to water therapy where the plain water is prepared or medicated into colourful bottles under solar rays, stones receive certain colour and transmit it into the body to recoup the deficiency caused by the particular colour.
I am suggesting few combinations of various stones for the benefit of the readers :
It has been observed that mass of the people have been suffering from mental depression some way or the other. In allopathic treatment tranquillizer is the only remedy for this. Persons who are regularly using these medicines are unfortunately not aware of side effects of these drugs. I presume depression is nothing but simply a mental attitude which one has developed. In fact, it is not any disease which could be cured with the help of any medicine. Pearl with white sapphire may hive relief to such patients if they use them together in a silver ring and wear it in the ring finger of the right hand. Yellow sapphire along with the emerald also gives relief from depression or hypertension.
Diabetes is another disease of passing sugar through urine or high level of sugar in blood. A dangerous disease which takes hold of the system tightening in clutch drawing its victims nearer to the grave day by day. Some of the main symptoms of this disease are abnormal thirst, hunger, passing urine frequently, itching etc. If the disease is not treated, carbuncles, boils, eye
cataract and other diseases follow. I can boldly claim to check number of diabetic cases giving them white coral and white sapphire in a silver ring.
High blood pressure is a very common ailment today. Diseases related to cardiac and blood pressure can be normalized by wearing two Rudraksh of five mukha and one of six mukha and putting two heavy red corals between them in a red coloured thread. I am confident, if sufficient incentives are provided, useful research work can be undertaken in more extensive way and a large number of cases can be cured. I took inspiration by satisfactory results over my mother and wife who had been suffering from cardiac and high B.P. troubles respectively. I later added ruby, emerald and pearl together in a silver ring along with Rudraksh and coral. I obtained better results in number of such ailments thereafter. This combination is very good to check tri-dosh i. e. kaff, vaat and pitt.
Alcoholism and drug addiction is a curse to the social evil. A habitual person can hardly get rid off this habit until and unless he attains sufficient will power. I have experimented over number of persons with amethyst and white sapphire. If they wear it regularly they gain strength and determination to fight against this addiction. The most important thing is the self-determination.
Lack of concentration is a common phenomenon now a days especially amongst the students involved in preliminary classes. Better results can be obtained if such students wore a pedal having a green tourmaline, blue sapphire and emerald or a period alone. Peridot alone gives tremendous relief to the patients suffering from evil spirits or with neurosis.
For ladies, who are suffering from general weakness a heavy turquoise is found to be the most effective. Similarly a pearl alone checks leucorrhoea. Such ladies are advised to put as many as turquoise on their body as they can.
Preliminary symptoms of leprosy can be checked by using a ruby in a copper ring in the finger of the right hand.
I would like to mention certain rules for the students of Krishnamurthy Padhdhaty too for suggesting gemstones. These rules are very easy to calculate. First of all prepare a horoscope as per K.P. system. Note the sub lords of the ascendant and that of the XI cusp. Note the houses signified by them. If they are not at all connected in any manner with VI or VIII or XII then uses that gemstone which is indicated by the sub lord of I and XI or both. If the sub lord of the ascendant or the XI cusp happens to be the significator of VI or VII or XII reject the gem indicated by such sub lord. Metal for the ring may also be decided with the help of this sub lord.
I have developed my own way of finding lucky gemstones for normal health and has experimented in thousand of cases of various illness and have obtained satisfactory results. The method is as under:
Sort out the significators of V, VII and XI house. Drop those which are cmmn significators to VI, VII and XII houses. From the remaining significators find the most powerful one seeing :
 Lordship of benefic houses
 Aspects of other benefices
 Dasa, such dasa or sub dasa lord is in the constellation of this benefic significator
 Leaving combust planets
If fortunately, all factors at the same time coincide, take the stone of that planet. In other cases, if any dasa, sub or sub dasa lord is not a common planet then drop it and take the stone indicated by above mentioned powerful planet.
At last I can assure that none of these combinations would give adverse effect. But this does not however mean that all should use these combinations. The use of right astral gemstone infect depending on one’s birth chart along proves very helpful. Over all this, the faith and belief is the most important factor before using any stone or performing any pooja, daan etc.
Gopal Raju